Class C

network_cablingA more detailed understanding about Class C addresses leads us to a more technical path that unveils the following data. Class C addresses generally have their first two bits set to 1 and their third bit set to 0. As Class C addresses require a 24-bit network mask, this leaves 21 bits for the network portion of the address.

It is important to note that c-class IP hosting must ensure these technicalities in order to provide customers with an ideal platform for their websites.



Leading Bits 110
Size of network number bit field 24
Size of rest bit field 8
Number of Networks 2,097,152 (221)
Addresses per network 256(28)
Total Addresses in class 563,870,912 (229)
Start Address
End Address

However one has to understand that there is a lot of different between a C-class IP address and a C Block address. That is two different IP addresses with the same C class belong to the C block whereas they are different C-Class IP addresses.


The Tiffany style floor lamps can never go out of style


imagesIf I am asked to use a simple definition to describe a tiffany style floor lamp then it will have to be thus: it has a lampshade that is made of glass and it is also a lamp shade that is specifically designed and patented by the Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Studio. The lamps and also the craft of making such lamps belong to a period in European history which is christened as the Art de Nouveau period. It is believed to have lasted between 1890 and 1910. Even though the art form has its birth place in France, the art reached far and wide in its popularity across the globe.

‘Art Nouveau’ means “the New Art” and it is most often used in contrast against the applied arts and sciences. Lamp shades crafted during this period are actually pieces meant to be for decorative purpose alone but they could also double up as sturdy lamp shades too. The lamp shades are a heady combination of superb craftsmanship and excellent functionality. All the world’s original pieces mostly belong to the museums and very rarely will you come across a person who privately owns an original piece.


Enter the new age data solutions with Crucial mx100 128gb


Gone are the days when you could choose to get only one of the above. Today, when you want to upgrade your storage space and increase the speed and overall performance and you also want something as reliable as a rock, you have got to choose the best that is in the market right now and that is Crucial mx100 128 gb. This brand brings you the best of all the worlds with its extensive research and development and a bent towards the NAND technology. The pricing is also very reasonable for a performance that was only theoretically possible before its launch.

The name says it all:

Its association as a brand from Micron is the first thing that works in its favor. The company is one of the best manufacturers in the storage industry and is noted for its innovative and technological prowess. The SSD has been pre tested and the results are in the public domain for verification. Don’t just sit and think, get one for yourself!




pacific-outdoors-disc-golf-goal__51-dntjv-lThe disk golf baskets are of two types- permanent and portable ones. The permanent ones are seen in the golf course while the portable ones can be used in various places like school, colleges, local playground, backyard, etc. In short, it can be carried anywhere you want to play or practice the game.

The permanent golf baskets are heavy duty and designed for outdoor weather. They would be fixed in the position forever. With constant play, there will be banging of chains and they also get worn out easily. They have 18 to 24 strands of chain and are designed to withstand, wind, sun, rain and snow. They are hot dip galvanized. You can also powder coat them in different colors.

The baskets can be fixed in three different ways.

  1. Direct Cement (No Frills Mounting Option)
  2. Anchor & Collar (Deluxe Mounting Option) locked into anchors that are cemented into the ground. This allow for a permanent but movable installation.
  3. Portable Base (Portable Mounting Option).


Reduce The Cost Of Storage With Cloud Backup

As more and more companies are trying to cope up with growing data volumes, storage and maintenance is becoming a huge responsibility. The corporate information has to be managed effectively without adding too much on the operational cost. Cloud backup has come up as a promising solution to this crisis. Here, the data is transferred over network in a third party cloud storage system. They also provide easy backup and recovery options.

ROI Earned With Coventry SEO.

Profitability is the important factor for any business, earning it is a skill; while return on investment is the soul motive of any business. A website built without a SEO zeroes its existence in the market and thus it loses in the market with no return. Black wolf SEO Ltd. helps in earning the return on investment by using the appropriate keyword making the business as the top search result in the search engine.

How To Choose The Right Bushboard Worktop To Make Your Kitchen Look Pretty

A perfectly orchestrated kitchen with a superior worktop and up stands or splash backs completes its looks. Bushboard worktops are perfect as they have a wide range of accompaniments to go with them too. You can choose from their six different ranges of work surfaces that are available in pressure laminate, engineered solid surface and blended quartz. Wood 2 U Company offers such wide variety of options.
Blended Quartz and resin for a natural stone feel and look.
Seamless and sleek for those who love a designer feel that is affordable
These laminates are for those who cannot be satisfied with a few design options.
This is excellent for those who like the look of a stone work surface.
Value laminates with more than 53 designs
For granite and marble designs, These come with a 15 year warranty.
All products come in a variety of finishes such as high gloss, matte, metallic, frosted gloss etc.
10 year guarantee
Encore range is a thick compressed laminate with an acrylic surface. stone granite and wood